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Redsenol 3 Advantages
Substantial Benefits
Substantial Benefits
Focus on producing active ingredients, i.e. rare ginsenosides Rk2, Rg3, Rh2, Rg5, Rid, Rk3, Rhl, Rh3, Rh4, aPPT, which can deliver substantial benefits to people.
Scientific Dosage for Maximum Effect
Scientific Dosage for Maximum Effect
Optimal Daily
Dosage Range
Full Spectrum Research
Full Spectrum Research
In-depth research on water-soluble and fat-sol-uble rare ginsenosides that can be absorbed through the stomach or small intestine and under the tongue to meet the needs of different people.
Redsenol Rare Ginsenosides
Canada Royal Enoch Phytomedicine Ltd is a technology-driven biopharmaceutical company.
We know the tremendous value of traditional medicinal herbs that have been long proven beneficial and effective in promoting human health in the past centuries. We work on using our innovative technologies to extract and synthesize pharmacologically valuable ingredients from these traditional plants, and rely on modern science research to develop high-quality natural health products and deliver wellness to people.
Redsenol is a rare ginsenoside brand featuring multicomponent rare ginsenosides in high concentration. The core technologies we own in rare ginsenoside extraction, processing, transformation, and formulation enable the preparation of easily absorbable rare ginsenosides in large amounts. Redsenol offers more than well-known ginsenoside monomers Rg3 and Rh2, which are best studied in the science community, but features highly bioactive ginsenosides like Rk1, Rg5, Rh3, Rk2, aPPD(S, R), aPPT(S, R). Not to mention ginsenosides, the rare ginsenosides content in Redsenol reaches 20%, much higher than any other counterparts.
Global Ginsenosides Research Achievements Timeline
The Shibata Laboratory of Natural Medicinal Materials in Tokyo, Japan, has proposed for the first time, the chemical structures of panaxa-diol and -triol.
Shoji Shibata published the production methodology of 3-o (2β-D-glucopyranosyl-β-D-glucopyranosyl) 20(S)-protopanaxadiol.
Odashima,S. (Japan) reported that ginsenoside Rh2 inhibits proliferation of hepatoma (liver cancer) cells.
Yun, T.K. published the anticancer effects of the ginsenosides.
Ota, T (Korea) published the metabolic pathways of the ginsenosides.
Kikuchi,Y. (Japan) reported that ginsenoside Rh2, when combined with the chemotherapy drug, exert synergistic antitumor effects.
Tode,T. published that ginsenoside Rh2 inhibits proliferation of human ovarian cancer cells.
Kikuchi,Y. (Japan) published the metabolic pathways of orally-administered ginsenosides in the body.
Kitagawa,I. published that ginsenosides inhibit invasion and metastasis of tumor cells.
Akao,T. and Kobashi,K. discovered that compound K (CK) is the main anticancer metabolite of protopanaxadiol-type ginseng saponins synthesized in the body.
Mainland China developed ginsenoside Rg3 to be the first-class anticancer drug.
Taiwan;s first generation ginsenosides health food products completed animal experiments and clinical trials.
The ginsenoside Rh2 product, developed by a Chinese pharmaceutical company, was put on the market.
The rare ginsenoside product Redsenol Capsules containing 16 rare ginsenosides was developed in Canada.
The rare ginsenoside product Redsenol-DAG Sublingual Pills containing 8 highly active rare ginsenosides was developed in Canada
Health Benefits
Energy, Stamina, Endurance Cognition, Physical Performance & Mental Health
Stamina & Energy Boost
Used in Herbal Medicine to help enhance physical performance (in cases of physical stress)
Resistance to Fatigue & Stress
Used in Herbal Medicine as an adaptogen to help increase energy and resistance to stress ( case of mental and physical fatigue related to stress)
Glucose Health
Used in Herbal Medicine as supportive therapy for the promotion of healthy glucose levels
Cognition Support
Used in Herbal Medicine to help support cognitive function and/or reduce mental fatigue (in cases of mentalstress)
Health Benefits
Why Choose Us?
Really good quality natural product. Easy to digest and gentle invigorating.
Recent research has indicated the health benefits of ginsenosides. This product is easy to take, a little bit bitter but taste good. I have noticed a difference. Great product!
This is a great product on the market. It seems to be helping at this moment & you'll hear from me more about this product after the next order. Thank you for bringing this product to market.
My mother is weak. this item is helpful for my mother. she feels good after using it. I will buy it again.
My grandfather tried this, he feels better after taking this, unfortunately he has to open it and mix with warm water which still works for him but he said it's quite bitter. Oversea transportation is faster than I thought, Thx
Ordered from them several times. A trustworthy company with Superior customer service. They answered all my emails within the hour, including ones sent on weekend.
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