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Canada Royal Enoch Phytomedicine Ltd.
Our headquarter is located in Vancouver, Canada. We are a hi-tech enterprise group mainly engaged in the research, production and sales of natural plant-based products. We look to convert rare ginsenosides and their analogs to more active pharmaceutical molecules through structure-based drug design. We aim to keep our technological superiority in industrialized production of rare ginsenosides, while developing new preparation technology.
Brand Story
Story behind the making of multiple rare ginsenosides
Greediness and desire put aside. A life-and-death story unfolds. For the blessed and healthy, it is another anecdote to hear.
For the unfortunate tumor patient, it is the story larger than life. It is a faithful believer's most sincere wish that multiple rare ginsenosides saves more lives of tumor patients.
From Christian to Chief Scientist Specialized in Herbal Extraction
Named after the biblical figure who walked with the God for three hundred years before God took him, Canada Royal Enoch Phytomedicine Ltd. originated in faith and vision. Dr. Peihua Yu earned his Ph.D. from Germany and worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in Canada before becoming chief scientist at Enoch.
Years after Dr. Yu settled in Canada, his sister's suffering from stomach discomfort in 2011 brought him onto the quest for a safe and active agent. Could there be another option? Dr. Yu's endless search led him to natural herbs as the best field of hope.
Devoted to Herbal Medicine Research,
We do Four Things
Heat-processing in the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine is similar to herbal processing in western medicine, and many such processed intermediates have to be metabolized in the body to become the final active ingredients.
Taking rare ginsenosides as an example, they are not readily obtainable from Araliaceae ginseng plants (Asian ginseng, American ginseng,panax notoginseng,etc.), and the raw plants must first be heat-processed and then be metabolized and/or biotransformed in vitro (outside the body) to form rare ginsenosides. At this stage, the final products are totally different from what is known as traditional Chinese medicine, or herbal medicine as known by westerners.
Firstly, plenty of biomedical research reports that ginsenosides in their natural-occurring forms (prototype ginsenosides), cannot be directly absorbed into the human body. They must first undergo proper gastrointestinal metabolism and be converted into rare ginsenosides before effective absorption could take place. This proposes considerable difficulties for individuals with poor digestive functions.
Secondly, we devote to quality-based Araliaceae ginseng selection and in improving our drug preparation technology, so more metabolized and/or biotransformed active ingredients could be obtained. We choose to build our manufacturing workshop in Canada's Vancouver because North America provides a suitable environment for the growth of ginseng.
Thirdly, rare ginsenosides are neither water-soluble nor lipid-soluble, and it is not easy for rare ginsenosides to reach the site of action inside the human body. Our R&D team devotes to finding a solution to transport rare ginsenosides inside the body.
Lastly, we focus on the specific healthy function and safety experiments, starting from in vitro cell culture experiments, to in vivo animal experiments, and eventually to human clinical trials, we invite internationally-recognized third party authorities for result verification.
The Birth of the Redsenol Multiple
Rare Ginsenoside
The Birth of the Redsenol Multiple
Redsenol Rare Ginsenosides capsule features 16 rare ginsenosides, i.e. Rk2, Rg3 (S, R), Rh2(S, R), Rg5, Rk1, Rk3, Rh1(S, R), Rh3, Rh4, aPPT(S, R), aPPD(S, R). These active ingredients act together to exert synergistic effects and multiple rare ginsenosides are more effective than single ginsenoside.
Redsenol-DAG sublingual pill is made of 8 highly active rare ginsenosides that are meticulously selected, i.e. Rk1, Rk2, Rh3, Rg5, aPPT(S, R), aPPD(S, R). The high concentration of the 8 highly active compounds makes it more targeted.
Although Redsenol Rare Ginsenosides capsules and Redsenol-DAG sublingual pills are licensed as a natural health product by Health Canada, it has more medicinal properties in that it has a clear composition, clear efficacy, and reliable quality.
The Hidden Meanings
Behind The Brand Name Redsenol
The Hidden Meanings
The word "redsenol" literally means "red ginseng", and Redsenol's active ingredients are originated from red ginseng (heat-processed Panax ginseng) From 2005 to 2014, the R&D team strived to conquer technical barriers in bulk production of the rare ginsenosides Rg3, Rh2, Rh1, aPPD, aPPT, etc., and the more hard-to-obtain rare ginsenosides Rk1, Rk2, Rh3, Rg5, etc. on a large scale. The R&D team conducted plenty of research on the mechanisms of action of rare ginsenosides and confirmed their functions in enhancing human health.