Advantages and directions for Redsenol-1 Noble Ginsenoside Capsules
Advantages and directions for Redsenol-1 Noble Ginsenoside Capsules
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The body needs ginsenosides for health and wellness, but they're not easily absorbed. Redsenol , has changed that situation with the supplements that contain the metabolites of ginsenosides that work synergistically in the body and are readily absorbed.

Engaged in phytomedicine research for over 16 years, the Redsenol research conquered the technology challenges in rare ginsenosides extraction, processing, transformation, and formulation and enabled the preparation of easily absorbable rare ginsenosides in large amounts.

Redsenol Capsules contains 16 high bioactive and absorbable rare ginsenosides, namely Rk2, Rg3 (S,R), Rh2 (S,R), Rg5, Rk1, Rk3, Rh1 (S,R), Rh3, Rh4, aPPT (S,R), and aPPD (S,R). The company's proprietary technology enables the extraction of rare ginsenosides from premium ginseng species and delivers a high content of needed ginsenosides in each Redsenol capsule.

Redsenol is our rare ginsenoside brand featuring multicomponent rare ginsenosides in high concentration. It is neither ginseng supplement nor ginsenoside supplement but rare ginsenoside supplement; Our product is precisely your best choice to obtain the maximal health benefits from rare ginsenosides.

Redsenol Rare Ginsenosides Series includes Redsenol-1 Noble Ginsenoside Capsules and Redsenol Dag sublingual pills. REDSENOL-1 owns competitive advantages as a rare ginsenoside brand, including:

Multicomponent Rare Ginsenosides. Different ginsenosides have distinct actions; Redsenol contains sixteen rare ginsenosides to exert synergistic and multifactorial health benefits. It is superior to the rival products that only contain prototype ginsenosides or one type of rare ginsenosides.

High Amount of Active Ingredients. Supplements low in ginsenosides usually fail to exert substantial effects. Redsenol-1 contains a high amount of active ingredients, and each Redsenol-1 capsule has 60 mg of rare ginsenosides in each capsule to ensure its potency. Taking two capsules three times daily delivers 360 mg of absorbable and highly active rare ginsenosides.

High Absorption. Rare ginsenosides in Redsenol are formulated using nano solid dispersion technology to achieve high water solubility and better absorption.

Enteric Capsules. Enteric Capsules help ensure the targeted delivery of bioactive ingredients to achieve maximum efficiency. Redsenol enteric capsules could prevent active ingredients from being damaged by gastric acid to ensure the maximum delivery to the site of potential action.

Based on the characteristics of Redsenol-1, directions are given as below:

✓ Take 2 or 3 capsules per time, 3 times per day for patients; 1 capsule daily for sub-health people. 

✓ Take capsules half an hour BEFORE meals with warm water.

✓ Take capsules after meals if users have some stomach problems.

✓ Take capsules by opening them to dissolve powders in warm water if users have difficulty swallowing.

✓ Take capsules one or two hours before or after taking other medications.

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