Where to buy the best ginseng in Singapore?
Where to buy the best ginseng in Singapore?
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Singapore has over 74% of the population of Chinese origin. The country has a huge demand for ginseng consumption since ginseng is a precious medicinal herb among Chinese people. However, there is nearly no native ginseng brand, and Singapore relies on foreign importation to supply ginseng products because Singapore doesn't grow ginseng.

Ginseng can be divided into two categories: Panax ginseng(known as Asian ginseng, Korean ginseng, Chinese ginseng, etc.) and Panax quinquefolius (American ginseng). Panax ginseng is found to be warming and gentle in nature and is friendly for elderly people while American ginseng is believed to be cool and is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to decrease internal heat, cough, and fire in the deficiency syndrome.

Nowadays, ginseng use has been found associated with fatigue reduction, cognition boosting, resistance to stress, immunity improvement. Ginsenosides are the pharmacologically active constituents of ginseng and are responsible for a myriad of health benefits in ginseng. Therefore, people will greatly take ginsenoside content into account when buying ginseng products.

There are not many ginseng brands in Singapore, and we list some best ginseng brands there that might inspire your choices.

Eu Yan Sang American ginseng

Eu Yan Sang is a famous brand in pharmacy and health foods in Singapore, and it has been focusing on selling high-quality Chinese herbal medicine and serving millions of Asian people for over one hundred years.

Eu Yan Sang American ginseng root is high quality and the ginseng is wild and grown in the mountainous region in North Carolina, the United States. The root is aged 20 to 80 years so the price is high at 1488 Singapore dollars. It is unclear that the ginsenosides content in Eu Yan Sang American ginseng root but it shall be higher than commonly used 3 to 6-year-old ginseng root.

Eu Yan Sang has retail stores in the main shopping centers in Singapore, including supermarkets, plaza malls, Airport Terminals, etc. A gateway to store locations is available on Its official website athttps://www.euyansang.com.sg/en/stores. Some stores may be temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so call them before you head for a store near you.

GNC Panax Ginseng

GNC is one of the biggest nutritional and supplement brands in the United States, and it has many retail locations in Singapore. The company has a full-range product line, including ginseng supplements.

GNC Panax Ginseng is tested to ensure the authenticity of the herbs and quality. It is standardized to contain 3% ginsenosides. Each capsule contains 600 mg Panax ginseng extract, containing 18 mg of total ginsenosides. One bottle contains 100 capsules and has a supply of over three months with one capsule per serving. The supplement is priced at S$49.95 dollars.

GNG has dozens of brick-and-mortar stores in Singapore, and you can find a GNC store near you at https://www.gnc.com.sg/en/stores

Cheong Kwan Jang Korean red ginseng

Cheong Kwan Jang is the best-known Korean red ginseng in Singapore. CheonKwanJang is one of the best-known Korean red ginseng. The brand is well-established for using 6-year-old ginseng as raw material and then processed into red ginseng by heating and steaming. It is typical red ginseng that has about 32 kinds of ginsenosides. However, CheonKwanJang doesn't list the standardized ginsenoside content in the label, so it is unclear whether it contains rare ginsenosides or not.

Cheong Kwan Jang keeps a strong presence in Singapore, and it is available in Guardian, one of the biggest pharmacy chains in Singapore, their own flagstone at Chinatown point, Singapore, and their distributor Wing Jing Loong concept stores. To find a store near you, go to the sitehttps://wjl.com.sg/pages/store-locations

The ginseng products in Singapore contain total ginsenosides which mainly consist of major ginsenosides like Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rf, Rg1, Re, etc. Major ginsenosides are high-molecular-weight and hardly absorbable ginsenosides with limited efficacy. And unfortunately, most ginseng products are even not standardized to contain a high amount of total ginsenosides.

Researchers currently have enabled converted major ginsenosides into highly bioactive rare ginsenosides Rh1, Rg3, Rh2, Rk1, Rg5, Rk2, Rk1, aPPD, aPPT, etc. Panax ginseng extract featuring potent rare ginsenosides is available in Canada. Singaporean people can shop internationally to buy the best ginseng extract.

Redsenol Rare Ginsenosides

Redsenol is an innovative pioneer in the rare ginsenoside field. When most manufacturers develop ginseng products with total ginsenoside content, Redsenol features multi-component less polar rare ginsenosides that are more super bioactive and absorbable.

Redsenol is reputed for its highly bioactive rare ginsenosides. Manufactured in Canada, the Redsenol series, Redsenol-1 and Redsenol dag contain high amounts of rare ginsenosides. The company has unique technologies in rare ginsenoside extraction and biotransformation. Panax ginseng is first steamed to increase ginsenosides amount and then prototype ginsenosides are metabolized in unique biotransformation procedures into less polar rare ginsenosides. Each Redsenol capsule has 60 mg of rare ginsenosides, account for 20 percent of the total ginseng extract, much higher than any other counterparts.

Redsenol is available in local retail stores in Canada, and their online store athttps://enophyto.com/also supports international shipping. Shipping to Singapore takes about 10 business days from Canada, shown on its website.

In conclusion

rare ginsenosides are the most valuable substances that we hope to find for the maximal health benefits from ginseng. If people hope to purchase the best ginseng extract with high amounts of rare ginsenosides, international shopping online is a good choice.


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